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Unpopped Popcorn

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$21.00 Sale $17.00

Fantastic popcorn! Produces large kernels to achieve that desired volume. Locally grown in Iowa.  Packed in 2lb Poly bags. Comes in a case of 12.





Pops larger kernels, producing a greater volume. Bulk size that is still easy to carry and ship.  Case contains 2 bags.

$25.00 Sale $25.00

Unpopped. Larger kernals that pop more round in shape.  Frequently used for making Kettle Corn or Caramel Corn.  Kernals need high temperature to achieve full mushroom effect.  Please call if you are trying to order more than 1 bag.



Packed in 2lb Poly bags. 10 bags per box. USPS shipping costs included to anywhere in the US.  




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